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Differences between a plant cell and an animal cell:

Plant cell

1) Plant cell is usually, surrounded by a cell wall which is composed of cellulose.

2) Usually plant cell contains plastid.

3) Centrosome is absent in almost all the plant cells (exception- blue green algae contains centrosome)

4) A matured plant cell contains a single and large vacuole.

5) Plasma membrane does not possess micro-villi.

6) Golgi body is often found absent.

7) Reserve food in plant cell is mainly starch.

8) Cell plate is formed during eytokinesis of cell division.

Animal cell

1) Cell wall is absent in animal cell.

2 Plastid is absent in animal cell.

3) Centrosome is always present in animal cells.

4) Usually, Vacuole is absent in animal cell. If present, it is usually very minute.

5) It contains micro-villi.

6) Golgi body is found in almost all the animal cell.

7) Resent food in animal cell, is mainly glycogen.

8) Cell plate is not found.