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Difference between Mitosis and Meiosis:


  • Generally, it happens in somatic cells.
  • It may take place in haploid (n), diploid (2n) and polyploid cells.
  • Interphase or resting stage is long.
  • Generally chromomere cannot be seen in the chromosomes of prophase
  • Duration of prophase is short and is not divided in to sub phases
  • Generally, homologous chromosomes do not make pair
  • Crossing over and chiasma do not take place so that then is no exchange of genes.
  • Chromosome is divided longitudinally along null the centromere in metaphase
  • In this division nucleus divides one time to form two nuclei
  • Each daughter nucleus remains similar to it’s mother nucleus both in chromosomal number and qualities.


  • Generally, it happens in reproductive mother cell.
  • Meiosis cannot take place in haploid cell (n).
  • Interphase is very short.
  • Chromomere is generally seen.
  • Prophase-1 is long and is divided into five sub phases and they are different in qualities Homologous chromosomes make pairs due to the attraction between each other during zygotene.
  • Exchange of genes between non sister chromosomes is occurred.
  • Each chromosome is divided longitudinally without centromere in metaphase- I
  • Nucleus divides two times to form four nuclei.
  • Number of chromosomes of each daughter nucleus becomes half of it’s mother cell and the quality also changes.