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Difference between Metaphase of mitosis and Metaphase-1 of meioses

Metaphase is the third phase of mitosis, the process that separates duplicated genetic material carried in the nucleus of a parent cell into two identical daughter cells. Metaphase-1 of meioses are the pairs of chromosomes (bivalents) become arranged on the metaphase plate and are attached to the now fully formed meiotic spindle.

Metaphase of mitosis

  • In the phase, centromeres of the chromosomes undergo division.
  • Centromeres are arranged along the equational plane.
  • Chromosomes do not form any loop
  • The nature of chromosomes remains unchanged as crossing over does not occur.
  • It has only one step.
  • Single chromosomes with two chromatids each, line up on the metaphase plate.

Metaphase-1 of meioses

  • Centromeres of chromosome remain undivided.
  • Centromeres remain little bit any from the equational plane
  • Chromosomes form loops.
  • Crossing over occurs in the sub stage pachytene and the nature of chromosome remain unchanged
  • Metaphase of meiosis has two steps such as metaphsse-1 and metaphase-2.
  • Paired chromosomes (bivalents) with four chromatids in each pair line up .