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Difference Between Meristematic Tissue and Permanent Tissue:

Meristematic tissue

  1. This tissue originates from the embryonic stage. So, they are primary tissue.
  2. The cells are able to grow more cells by mitotic division.
  3. This tissue is present in the growing organs of the plants
  4. This tissue is responsible for the growth of plants because the cells increase the number of cells by division.
  5. This tissue consists of immature cells.
  6. The shape and structure of the cells are not definite.
  7. These cells are living.
  8. The nucleus of the cell is large.
  9. It does not help mentionably in mechanical activities.
  10. They are not greatly involved in preparing storing and to conduct food materials.

Permanent tissue

  1. They do not originate from the embryonic stage. They originate from the division of meristem.
  2. The cells are not able to grow more cells.
  3. This tissue is found all over the plant body.
  4. This tissue is not responsible for the growth of plants.
  5. This tissue consists of matured cells.
  6. The cells of this tissue are definite in shape and structure.
  7. Dead cells may be present.
  8. The nucleus of the cell is small.
  9. It gives the mechanical support to the plant.
  10. Preparing, storing and conducting of food and giving mechanical support are their main functions.
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