Difference between Male and Female Roundworms

Difference between the male and female roundworms:

Male worm

1) worm is sm in size

2) The posterior end of the male worm is pointed and bend.

3) Its cloacal and genital apertures are not separate.

4) Excretory materials and reproductive cells are discharged through the cloacal aperture of the male worm.

5) There are spines like penial setae behind the cloacal aperture.

Female worm

1) Pernell worm is larger in size than the male worm.

2) The end behind the tail of female worm is straight and blunt.

3) It has separate cloacal and genital apertures.

4) In the female worm, the excretory products are discharged through the cloacal aperture and the productive cells through the genital aperture.

5) There are no penial setae in the female worm.

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