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Difference between anaphase of mitosis and anaphase-1 of meiosis:

The cleavage of centromere is taken place in Anaphase of Mitosis, whereas it is not occurred in Anaphase I of meiosis. In meiosis anaphase 1, maternal and paternal homologues are separated by spindle fibers (microtubules) whereas in mitotis anaphase sister chromatids are separated. other differences are pointed below-

Anaphase of mitosis:

  • This phase occurs one time.
  • Chromosomes are long and slender.
  • One chromatid from each chromosome goes to different pole.
  • It has only one step.
  • The centromere of every chromosome devides.

Anaphase-1 of Meiosis

  • This sub-phase occurs twice.
  • Chromosomes are short and thick.
  • One Chromosome from each bivalent goes to opposite pole.
  • Anaphase-1 of Meiosis has two steps, such as- Anaphase-1 and Anaphase-2.
  • The centromere do not divided.