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Diakinesis Stage of Meiosis in Plants

Diakinesis is the last stage of Prophase 1 and is the extinction of the condensing of the chromosomes, this allows the chiasmata and bivalent organization to be seen more evidently beneath an electron microscope. The chromosomes are at their most strong form during diakinesis. The homologous chromosomes in a bivalent are still connected by at least 1 chiasma. Therefore, the nucleolus disappears, the nuclear covering disintegrates and the centrosome move to the equator, whilst the mitotic spindles transfer.

In this sub-phase the changes are as follows:

  • The complete disappearance of nucleolus is performed
  • Disappearance of nuclear membrane occurs
  • Towards the end this sub-phase, spindle apparatus is formed.
  • Homologous chromosomes continue to separate, and chiasmata move to the ends of the chromosomes.
  • Prophase I ends and chromosomes now recondense, transcription stops and the transition to metaphase occurs.