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Economic Importance of Virus

Useful roles

I) In preparing antidotes/ vaccine: Pox, mumps, polio, jaundice etc diseases can be controlled by penetrating using or dead virus in human body as vaccines

2) In controlling harmful animals and insects: Some animals and insects which are harmful for humans can be controlled by some special virus

3) Control of disease: T2 bacteriophage virus saves humans from dysentery by spoiling some harmful bacteria, like, e-coli.

4) In laboratory: Virus is used in lab, as the simplest living model. In the research of genetics virus used. It is an important subject in genetic engineering.

5) In the evidence of evolution:  Virus plays a vital role to acquire knowledge about the trend of evolution and the process of formation of living organisms because virus contains both living and non-Iiving characteristics.


Harmful roles:

Virus destroys plenty of bacteria useful for humans Different diseases like common Cold, Influenza, Mumps, Pox, Polio, Yellow fever, Harpish, Aids etc are caused by the attack of virus.