Comparison between the Stem Structure and Root Structure - QS Study
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Comparison between the Stem Structure and Root Structure

Stem Structure

  • Cuticle are Present and thick.
  • Trichomes are present as multi-cellular or unicellular on the Epidermis.
  • Stomata is present in Stem
  • Hypodermis are either collenchymatous or sclerenchymatous.
  • Cortex is present in heterogeneous, with collenchyma, parenchyma and sclerenchyma.
  • Endodermis are generally absent; endodermoid layer may be present
  • Pericycle formed in two to few layered
  • Vascular bundles are numerous in number, collateral or bicollateral, regularly arranged forming a broken ring or scattered in ground tissue
  • Pith is well marked and large or not differentiated

Root Structure

  • Cuticle are generally absent.
  • Trichomes are present in Epiblema hairs are unicellular
  • Stomata is absent in root.
  • Hypodermis is not distinct from inner cortex.
  • Cortex is present in homogenous with cells of parenchyma.
  • Endodermis are generally present
  • Pericycle formed in one layer
  • Vascular bundles are formed in formed in 2-12, radial, exarch, form a broken ring.
  • Pith is endogenous, arising and form pericycle.