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Comparison between the stems of Dicot and Monocot:

Monocot stems have scattered vascular bundles. Dicot stems have their vascular bundles in a ring arrangement. Other differences are pointed below:

Dicot stem

  • Epidermal trichomes present as multicellular
  • Formed as Collenchymatous Hypodermis
  • Ground tissue differentiated into cortex and Pith
  • Endodermoid layer and Pericycle layer are Present
  • Vascular bundles are open and wedge- shaped
  • Lysigenous cavity absent
  • Secondary Growth occurs later
  • Example: Sunflower

Monocot stem

  • Epidermal trichomes absent
  • Formed as Sclerenchymatous Hypodermis
  • Ground tissue undifferentiated
  • Endodermoid layer and Peri-cycle layer are absent
  • Vascular bundles are Numerous, closed and oval-shaped
  • Lysigenous cavity present
  • Secondary Growth never occu
  • Example: Maize
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