Characteristics of Kingdom Plantae and Kingdom Monera - QS Study
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Characteristics of kingdom Monera:

1) They are unicelluar, filamentous, colonial or mycelia

2) Cell has nuclear-matenal but has no nucleolus and nuclear membrane

3) Plastid and mitochondna are absent in their cells

4) Cell division is followed b. amitosis

5) Their food taking is usually followed bs absorption

6) Reproduction usual% takes place through hinan fission

e.g. Escherichia coli


Characteristics of kingdom plantae:

1) They are eukaryotic and autophytic plants. Chlorophyll “a” and chlorophyll -b- are main photosynthetic pigments

2) They have well developed tissue system

3) Embryo forms the diploid phase from it

4) They are mainly terrestrial

5) Sexual reproduction is ansogamous

6) Archegoniates or flowenng plants