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Characteristics of Life or Living Things

  • Movement: Living things or organisms can move. Some living things can move from one place to another. When plant grows, its tip also move) But can any non living thing do that?
  • Nutrition: Every living thing lives on food. Can a piece of stone take food?
  • Reproduction: Every living organism can produce its own kind. Animals have babies, plants have saplings. Can a non living do that?
  • Excretion: Every living organism removes waste products by a special process. This process is excretion. Elimination of urine and carbon di-oxide is an excretory phenomenon/process. Does a non living have this process?
  • Sensitivity: If we are pricked by a needle, we feel pain. When bright light falls on our eye, they get closed instantly. Because, needle and light etc. create stimulation in our body. When we touch sensitive plants such as lajjaboti, they get contracted. But if you touch or hurt a piece of stone or brick, does it show any response?
  • Respiration: Every living organism starts breathing after birth, breathing in and out continues up to death.
  • Growth: Each living organism grows gradually after birth. Does any growth take place in non living things?
  • Adaptation: Living organisms are able to adjust and adapt themselves to their environment. An organism can adjust with the surrounding environment.
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