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Branches of mango tree do not give rise to grow a new plant rather the branch become sapless. But if a bandage layering is made by the branch and plants it, it gives rise to a new plant. Artificial vegetative reproduction is being done in various methods by human beings. Many plants can be artificially cloned by leaf cuttings; species that work well include African violet (Saintpaulia), Peperomia, bryophyllum (Kalanchoe) and jade plant (Crassula). In this process a leaf (blade + petiole) is removed from the donor plant. The leaf is placed in moist soil or, perhaps, in water and placed in the light.

Various methods of vegetative reproduction are: Cutting, Layering, Budding, and Grafting etc. artificial vegetative reproduction may be done in plants like Mango. Lichi, Boroi etc