An Experiment of Osmosis - QS Study
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Osmosis can be observed by putting a Potato Osmoscope.

Requirements: A large Potato, A Bowl, Water and Sugar solution.

Procedure: Take half bowl of water. Cut two ends of the potato and make a hole at one end. Now fill up half of the hole of the potato by sugar solution and keep the potato (Potato Osmoscope) in the bowl’s water. Care should be taken so that water level should be below the top of the potato cup.

Observation: After some times it will be seen that the level of the solution in the potato cup is increased.


Conclusion: Outside surrounding the potato there is water and inside the hole there was sugar solution. Cell walls of potato is permeable and the cell membrane is semi permeable (selectively permeable). So the water from the bowl enters through the cell wall and cell membrane to the solution in the hole of the potato. As water enters to high concentration solution through semipermeable membrane so other process is osmosis.